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Fort Johnson is located at 42°57'30?N, 74°14'10?W. The Village is on the north bank of the Mohawk River at the influx of the Kayaderosseras Creek. New York State Route 5, an east-west highway, passes through the south part of the Village, where it is joined by New York State Route 67, Fort Johnson Avenue.


Areas of interest include Old Fort Johnson., built in 1749 as the first home of Sir William Johnson who was King George II’s Superintendant of Indian Affairs.

Village Board Meetings:



3rd Thursday of every Month at 7:00 P.M.

Location: Municipal Hall
1 Prospect St.
Fort Johnson






For Village-wide Spring Cleanup, see the Event Calendar .

For Garbage and Recyclable pick-up schedules, see the Event Calendar  


Montgomery County is actively trying to impact the local mosquito population this year by providing informational brochures on how you can reduce the mosquito populations on and around your property as well as mosquito dunks that can be placed in any areas of standing water you may have around your home.

The Village Clerk has mosquito dunks available for residents who want them. If you need them, contact the Village Clerk.


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Village of Fort Johnson Budgets  
2016-2017 General Fund Budget  
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Village of Fort Johnson Local Laws  
Animal Control local law: VFJ-AnimalControlLaw.PDF  
Outdoor Wood Boiler local law:  VFJ-OWB-law.PDF  
Portable Basketball Goal law: VFJ-PBG-law.PDF